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Smellkiller - Zielonka Zilopop (silver)
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Smellkiller - Zielonka Zilopop (silver) Smellkiller - Zielonka Zilopop (silver)

Smellkiller - Zielonka Zilopop (silver)

Smellkiller - Zielonka Zilopop (silver)

The lollipops for fresh breath.

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Smellkiller - Zielonka Zilopop (silver)

Garlic, fish, cheese, cigarettes, wine and many other delights unfortunately have a side effect: bad breath.

Oral fresh like Peppermint help often only short time and can cause tooth decay. With zilopop this is a thing of the past.

The practical zilopop eliminates bad breath quickly. Simply manage it like a lollipop. Just 2 to 4 minutes the special stainless steel eliminates all odors in your mouth. After use slide it back in its protective case.
The zilopop itself is neutral in taste and the great thing: he never used and has zero calories!

They will zilopop incl. lanyard and carabiner delivered.

Zielonka - the best solution to remove mouth-odor / eliminate / eliminator

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